English Cream Puppy Update

2 Jul 3 Comments timbearden Puppy

Our puppies are getting bigger everyday.  They are walking more and more.  Their legs are getting stronger.  Soon they will be running.  Just noticed their teeth are coming in.  When we woke up this morning about half of them had climbed into Tina’s food bowl and were eating her food.

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Puppies Are Two Weeks Old

26 Jun No Comments timbearden Puppy

Time flew by very quickly. Our English cream puppies are growing up so fast. Their eyes are open. They are beginning to walk, and I believe beginning to hear as well. Today they are 15 days old. We got to weigh them, and place a color id tag on them.

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English Golden Retriever Puppies Were Born

11 Jun No Comments timbearden Puppy

Well the wait is over. Tina had her puppies. I feel like I’m in the land of women right now. Or at least little girls. Tina had 8 females and no males. Her pregnancy lasted 63 days. Exactly the days averaged. We originally thought she was only going to have

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We Named Our Puppy

16 Apr No Comments timbearden Puppy

So many things have been going on in the past few weeks that I totally forget to announce our puppy’s name. We went on vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii, and I’ve been updating multiple websites for myself and others.  Of course taking care of Johanna always takes up

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Feeding Puppies For First Time

8 Mar No Comments timbearden Puppy

Puppies are 4 weeks old now.  They are beginning to eat dog food now.  They have a mouth full of teeth. We found them running around their pen today when we visited. It was only a few days ago that they began to walk, and now they are running. They

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Puppy’s First Steps

2 Mar No Comments timbearden Puppy

I really never mentioned it, but we live in Beaumont California. We have been watching our little puppy grow up. Until she reaches 8 weeks she is still at her home in Hemet. We occasionally get to go and check in on her. We just witnessed some of our puppy’s

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Puppy Eyes Have Opened

24 Feb No Comments timbearden Puppy

Not everyone who adopts an animal gets to document their birth on. Since we are getting our English Golden Retriever from a family member, we not only get to see her grow but also take photos. She just opened her eyes a couple days ago, so we got the chance

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Our Newest Pack Member

20 Feb No Comments timbearden Puppy

Born February 7, 2015, she will be our newest pack member. She is an English Golden Retriever puppy. Her parents are Olaf and Reina.  They belong to my wife’s parents.  Both come from international champion lines.  She is almost a white cream.  I love her lightness in color.  Hence where the

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