1 Week Old Puppies

6 Jan 4 Comments timbearden Puppy

Willow’s puppies are officially one week old now. As I’ve mentioned to many and as I’ve always done this is their weekly update. They have gotten a little bit bigger throughout the week. The most noticeably difference is that their noses and paws have gained their pigment. They are getting

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Willow’s Litter

30 Dec 3 Comments timbearden Puppy

Willow and Olaf’s Final Puppy Count Willow began her labor around 3:30 a.m. December 30th. Puppies began arriving around 6:18 a.m. In total Willow had 7 girls and 1 boy. Willow was mated to Olaf.  We love his temperament and results we had with Tina.  Willow has one of our

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Willow and Olaf’s Litter

6 Dec No Comments timbearden Puppy

We have buns in the oven!  Puppy buns that is.  We confirmed December 6th that Willow is pregnant via ultrasound.  We expect them to be born near New Years Eve.  Willow was mated to Olaf.  We love his temperament and results we had with Tina.  Puppies should go home around

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Happy 1st Birthday

11 Jun 1 Comment timbearden Puppy

Tina’s first litter has turned 1 year old today. So we would like to wish all our golden retrievers happy birthday. Time has flown by. Seems like yesterday they were running around our house. We are planning a 1 year group photo. So I’ll be reaching out to everyone to

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8 Week Puppy Update

16 Mar 10 Comments timbearden Puppy

Thursday the puppies will start going to their forever homes. It’s been a busy few months. The puppies have grown so much. In an effort to start our puppy parents out right, we are sending them home with a puppy care package. Something I hope they enjoy and can use.

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7 Week Puppy Update

9 Mar 3 Comments timbearden Puppy

The boys have officially been chosen by their puppy parents. The next couple days will be the girls turn. Check our 6 Week Update for their previous milestones. Week 7 Milestones Aside from the boy picks being made this week, the biggest thing that happened was the puppies received their

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6 Week Puppy Update

3 Mar 2 Comments timbearden Puppy

Everyone is getting anxious I’m sure waiting for their family fur member to come home. They are getting bigger by the day. Check our 5 Week Update for their previous milestones. Week 6 Milestones Each week certain puppies have been standouts. This week the rest have caught up in stride.

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5 Week Puppy Update

25 Feb 4 Comments timbearden Puppy

Puppies are getting playful by the day. Check our 4 Week Update for their previous milestones. Week 5 Milestones Our living room floor is littered with puppies. We have to watch our step, because they love to be at our ankles and sleep in the middle of foot traffic. They

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4 Week Puppy Update

18 Feb No Comments timbearden Puppy

Last week we hit a bunch of milestones. This week is more about their individual development into a puppy and personality growth. Check our 3 Week Update for their previous milestones. Week 4 Milestones On day 23 Sam and Petyr climbed into Tina’s food dish and began eating. Sam ate

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3 Week Puppy Update

11 Feb 1 Comment timbearden Puppy

Each week the puppies are developing into their lovable fur balls of joy. Check our previous post for their other milestones. Puppy parents are more than welcome to visit. Week 3 Milestones At the beginning of this week, they started to hear.  Their ears began to open before day 14,

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