Annual Cost of Owning a Golden Retriever

31 Aug 1 Comment timbearden Breeder Education, Puppy Education

Annual Costs I received an e-mail today in regards to the estimates of the annual cost of owning a golden retriever. People are often occupied with how much a puppy may cost initially and they forget the actual costs that occur over time. I appreciated the e-mail asking me for

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Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

22 Apr No Comments timbearden Breeder Education, Puppy Education

Hip and elbow dysplasia can be one of the worse things to happen to a dog. Cases can extend from mild to severe. In mild cases pain killers may be a sufficient treatment. In sever cases the only thing that may help is surgery. I’ve heard of too many stories

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What to Bring the Day You Pick Up Your Puppy

2 Jan 6 Comments timbearden Puppy Education

Picking up your puppy can be one of the most exciting things that you can ever do.  You are taking your new pack member to your own den.  Sometimes puppy parents forget the essentials, or are not prepared when they get their puppy home. When you pick a puppy up

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When to Neuter or Spay Your Golden Retriever

23 Nov No Comments timbearden Breeder Education, Puppy Education

One of the questions I’m always asked is when to have your golden retriever neutered or spayed. For so long, in the breeder community and beyond, the answer was as soon as possible. Mostly this answer stems from shelters trying to prevent overpopulation and euthanization. Recent studies suggest a different

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Allergies To Dogs

2 Nov No Comments timbearden Puppy Education

Growing up my dad had cats. At one time he had 6 cats. All through high school I remember having a runny nose and itchy eyes. Everyone thought I just got sick easily. When I went to college I didn’t go to my dads home as often. I also didn’t

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Golden Retriever Snow Nose

12 Oct No Comments timbearden Breeder Education, Puppy Education

Recently I had a puppy parent contact me about their puppy’s nose turning pink. So I thought I would write some information regarding “snow nose” or “winter nose”. This is something golden retrievers and many other breeds, like labrador retrievers, do experience. So what is snow nose? Snow nose occurs

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The Debate of Dewclaw Removal

26 Sep No Comments timbearden Breeder Education, Puppy Education

As I sit here next my dog Tina who now wears the cone of shame I’m reminded of the debate about dewclaw removal. For many years I’ve seen it somewhat inhumane to remove them.  Now, I’m a little more open to the idea. For goldens I do see them use

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How to Choose a English Golden Retriever Puppy

12 Aug No Comments timbearden Puppy Education

Every body and their mother have their opinion on what is the correct way to choose a puppy.  Hundreds of books have been written on the subject.  Many will say with goldens you can never go wrong.  I’ve heard people tell me, “have you ever seen a bad golden.”  As

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Microchipped Puppies

21 Jul No Comments timbearden Breeder Education, Puppy Education

Since our puppies are old enough to be microchipped, I thought I would discuss about microchips. All of our puppies are all microchipped. Originally I use to think all microchips were created equal. All our dogs, and cats have been microchipped by AVID. Recently though I found out that they

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How to Groom a Golden Retriever

7 May No Comments timbearden Puppy Education

Each and every dog are unique in every way. Each breed has their own type of fur. I’ve groomed many dogs, and each I would groom differently. Luckily golden retrievers are one of the easier ones to groom. Golden Retrievers have two layers of coat. Both layers protect them from

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