Curb Your Dog!

21 May No Comments timbearden Puppy Education

About 5 years ago I started seeing signs pop up on our neighbors yards saying “Curb Your Dog“. I presumed what it meant, but I sought clarification just in case. The term “Curb Your Dog” basically can mean two different things. One is to make sure you have control over

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People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pets

15 May 2 Comments timbearden Puppy Education, Recommendations

Do you feed your dogs table scraps?  We generally don’t, as many things that we eat can make a dog sick.  Once in a while things I cook from scratch that I know won’t make them sick I’ll feed them.  However that’s a rare occasion and a treat.  We’ve created

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Golden Retriever Hot Spots

14 May No Comments timbearden Puppy Education, Recommendations

Does your dog have a missing clump of hair on their body?  Are they constantly itching and licking a certain area?  It could be a hotspot.  There are many illnesses that Golden Retrievers can get that cause skin issues.  One of the biggest ones and quite common, is hot spots.

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Boarding Your Dog

23 Apr No Comments timbearden Puppy Education

My family and I love to travel. We try and travel twice a year. Which means twice a year we can’t take our dogs with us. We do try and travel with them via camping or going to pet friendly hotels. However, the two other times a year we have

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What is the Average Lifespan of a Golden Retriever

21 Apr No Comments timbearden Breeder Education, Puppy Education

You are visiting here most likely because you have the simple question of: what is the average lifespan of a golden retriever? The quick answer is 11-12 years old. However, the answer is not so simple. 11-12 years doesn’t mean that your dog won’t live a long life of 17

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Giardia and Coccidia

14 Oct No Comments timbearden Breeder Education, Puppy Education

It’s very common for a puppy or even an adult to have diarrhea. Often stress or just a simple upset stomach can be the cause. Sometimes, if it doesn’t go away the usual culprits are giardia and coccidia. To those unfamiliar with the parasites it can be scary when a

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Annual Cost of Owning a Golden Retriever

31 Aug 1 Comment timbearden Breeder Education, Puppy Education

Annual Costs I received an e-mail today in regards to the estimates of the annual cost of owning a golden retriever. People are often occupied with how much a puppy may cost initially and they forget the actual costs that occur over time. I appreciated the e-mail asking me for

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Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

22 Apr No Comments timbearden Breeder Education, Puppy Education

Hip and elbow dysplasia can be one of the worse things to happen to a dog. Cases can extend from mild to severe. In mild cases pain killers may be a sufficient treatment. In sever cases the only thing that may help is surgery. I’ve heard of too many stories

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What to Bring the Day You Pick Up Your Puppy

2 Jan 6 Comments timbearden Puppy Education

Picking up your puppy can be one of the most exciting things that you can ever do.  You are taking your new pack member to your own den.  Sometimes puppy parents forget the essentials, or are not prepared when they get their puppy home. When you pick a puppy up

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When to Neuter Your Golden Retriever

23 Nov No Comments timbearden Breeder Education, Puppy Education

One of the questions I’m always asked is when to have your golden retriever neutered or spayed. For so long, in the breeder community and beyond, the answer was as soon as possible. Mostly this answer stems from shelters trying to prevent overpopulation and euthanization. Recent studies suggest a different

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