Pet Health Insurance

23 Apr No Comments timbearden Information, Puppy

As a breeder we try and test for every possible genetic disease to minimize health risks in the future. However, things do happen and many times you will have to visit a veterinarian. Visits can result from illnesses, diseases, or even injuries. Many times that will result in many costs

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Dog Collars

17 Apr No Comments timbearden Information

As soon as I even mentioned dog collars, I could hear people looking behind my shoulder waiting to jump on every word I type.  There are many dog collars out there that you can use.  Many of which are acceptable in different situations, and for different dogs.  There are many

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Safest Water and Food Bowls for Pets

15 Apr No Comments timbearden Information

There are many types of materials that are used in food and water bowls for pets.  Common materials are plastic, stainless steal, glass, silicone and ceramic.  Each have their upsides and downsides. Plastic Bowls Most bowls sold are made of plastic.  Always stay away from BPA and chemicals that can

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Tips for Delivering Puppies

22 Mar 1 Comment timbearden Information

avYou may have came here by accident or maybe you were looking for information. This post is different than than my previous posts and is geared more to other breeders or people inexperienced with delivering puppies. About 10 years ago we got into breeding dogs. In the past few years we

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Puppy Development in the Womb

10 Dec No Comments timbearden Information

For many a puppy’s development and birth can be as exciting as the birth of their own child. For those curious to know the development of a puppy week by week, feel free to look below. I’ll also be posting an article on the changes of the mother during her

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Top Dog Boots for Winter & Cold Weather

18 Oct No Comments timbearden Information

I’ve been researching boot for our dogs for a while. Years ago we had purchased some boots that were not adequate and would fall off. There are many boots out there that can be helpful in snow and other situations. Normally I’m not all that much of a fan of

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Giardia and Coccidia

14 Oct No Comments timbearden Information

It’s very common for a puppy or even an adult to have diarrhea. Often stress or just a simple upset stomach can be the cause. Sometimes, if it doesn’t go away the usual culprits are giardia and coccidia. To those unfamiliar with the parasites it can be scary when a

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Best Dog Ramp for Your SUV

12 Oct No Comments timbearden Information

Golden retrievers are considered a large breed. Large breed dogs mean they are susceptible to hip dysplasia. We own a Mazda CX-9. For our golden retrievers to get in the back of the vehicle they have to stress their joints by jumping in. Tina, who weighs more than the rest

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Traveling With Dogs

14 Sep No Comments timbearden Information

About three years ago I used to travel down the I-5 from Riverside to Sacramento about every other week.  It was a 6-7 hour drive without traffic.  My photography business was still in southern California while we lived in northern California.  Each time we traveled we packed our dogs into

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Annual Cost of Owning a Golden Retriever

31 Aug 1 Comment timbearden Information

Annual Costs I received an e-mail today in regards to the estimates of the annual cost of owning a golden retriever. People are often occupied with how much a puppy may cost initially and they forget the actual costs that occur over time. I appreciated the e-mail asking me for

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