When Do Golden Retriever Puppies Open Their Eyes?

2 Jun No Comments timbearden Breeder Education

Just like children, all milestones are fun to document. Lets face it, our dogs are like our children to us. Those baby blues in children are an exciting moment in their life. Puppies have their baby blues too. Typically for most puppies eyes begin to open from 7 days to

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Getting A Pet From Another Country

21 Mar No Comments timbearden Breeder Education, Random

Today we finally picked up Tina from LAX airport. Getting a pet from another country is not the same as picking up a pet at the baggage claim. It’s much more intense. I would not advise bringing a small child with you. Johanna was a mess and didn’t get her

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American Verses English Cream Golden Retrievers

9 Mar No Comments timbearden Breeder Education, Puppy Education

Someday I may or may not be asked why we chose an English over an American Golden Retriever. It’s very simple, The Kennel Club standard for Golden Retrievers predates that of The American Kennel Club. The breed was developed on the border of Scotland and England by Lord Tweedmouth. Originally

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