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People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pets

15 May 2 Comments timbearden Puppy Education, Recommendations

Do you feed your dogs table scraps?  We generally don’t, as many things that we eat can make a dog sick.  Once in a while things I cook from scratch that I know won’t make them sick I’ll feed them.  However that’s a rare occasion and a treat.  We’ve created

Happy Mother’s Day

15 May No Comments timbearden Random

We would like to wish all the mother’s out there a happy mother’s day.  This year Willow became a mother herself.  So we would like to wish her a special Mother’s Day as well.  We hope all her pups are happy with their pack members and their new moms. Moms

Golden Retriever Hot Spots

14 May No Comments timbearden Puppy Education, Recommendations

Does your dog have a missing clump of hair on their body?  Are they constantly itching and licking a certain area?  It could be a hotspot.  There are many illnesses that Golden Retrievers can get that cause skin issues.  One of the biggest ones and quite common, is hot spots.

Golden Retriever Birthday Party

7 May No Comments timbearden Random

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since we celebrated Alice’s first birthday. We invited Alice’s parents, sister, half-sister over to have a big birthday bash. We did put photos up over a year ago, but we never put the behind the behind the scenes video up then. I

OFA Specialists in Southern California

3 May 1 Comment timbearden Breeder Education

Recently I’ve been asked many times where we get our OFA certifications done.  This post is geared to breeders who need to finish all their certifications before they breed and live in the Southern California area.  So if you have no plans to breed, then this post is probably not

Affordable Pre Made Raw Dog Foods

2 May No Comments timbearden Recommendations

Not everyone has time to buy meat by the pound at their local butcher.  Then preparing it in the proper amounts while adding all other necessary ingredients for proper nutrition can take even more time.  We personally do our own raw food meals that way, however for others it may

Is Raw Meat Safe for Golden Retrievers?

1 May No Comments timbearden Recommendations

Does your dog come into the kitchen when making food?  Do they start salivating when you cook chicken or turkey?  Mine do.  When the holidays are here during Thanksgiving and Christmas we always cook one or two Turkeys.  Our golden retrievers can’t wait to get their part of the holiday

NuVet Nutritional Supplements

28 Apr No Comments timbearden Breeder Education, Recommendations

I’m not always a big fan of supplements. If you feed your dog high quality foods generally the food has the necessary nutritional requirements to have a healthy dog. Here at The Bearden Pack we rotate foods and also have regimen of raw foods that we give our dogs. I’m

Switching to BlueHost

27 Apr No Comments timbearden Random, Recommendations

After many years of using GoDaddy to host our websites and wasting countless hours with them and their faulty servers, I have decided to jump ship.  GoDaddy used every scheme to make them more money off us. We have finally decided to go to Blue Host. They come with better

Chew Proof Dog Toys

27 Apr No Comments timbearden Recommendations

Have you found a chew proof dog toy that your dogs love to play with? For the most part neither have we. It seems that no matter what toy we get, they seem to find a way to destroy them. We have found a few toys that do last longer

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