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Tina and Olaf’s Three Week Old Puppies

29 Jul No Comments timbearden Puppy

Our puppies are getting bigger.  About 2 lbs gained this week.  Today’s update was late.  I went to my niece’s birthday that I didn’t know about till last minute.  So bare with me, as I have received e-mails wanting to see photos. Unfortunately last week we had one of our

Willow and Olaf’s Puppies Are One Week Old

25 Jul No Comments timbearden Puppy

We do have AKC golden retriever puppies for sale.  We have a couple males left from this litter that are not spoken for.  Last weeks litter page can be found on their litter announcement page. Week 2 Milestones This has been a very busy week dealing with two litters.  All

Tina and Olaf’s Puppies Are Two Weeks Old

22 Jul 3 Comments timbearden Puppy

So you came to see our our cute golden retriever puppies!  Another week and they are getting bigger.  Last week we put photos up on their 1 week update. Week 2 Milestones This week they got much bigger.  About 4 times their birth weight.  Our biggest puppy, a boy, is

Willow and Olaf’s Litter

17 Jul 2 Comments timbearden Puppy

Willow and Olaf’s Final Puppy Count Puppies are officially here.  Willow’s first puppy was a boy born at 11:16 p.m.  Two boys right after.  Followed by 4 girls, one more boy, and a girl.  The litter was far larger than I expected, and went fairly easy.  She is doing good

Puppies Are One Week Old

14 Jul 2 Comments timbearden Puppy

Each week we will put up more photos and a an update.  Last week we put photos up on their litter page. Week 1 Milestones This week the puppies noses have turned black.  They are squirming around, and becoming much more efficient at nursing.  Their claws are already growing in

The Best Whelping Box

11 Jul 1 Comment timbearden Breeder Education

There are dozens if not hundreds of whelping boxes out there. I’ve personally used a couple different ones. Each have their upsides and downsides. I’ve previously discussed different boxes on our tips for delivering puppies post, however I feel it’s important go into it further in depth.  This post is

Tina and Olaf’s Litter

5 Jul 4 Comments timbearden Puppy

Tina and Olaf’s Final Puppy Count Tina and Olaf’s were born July 8th around 4:00 p.m. by cesarean.  She had 3 girls and 2 boys.  Puppies will go home around September 2. Their waitlist is full.  Unfortunately since we don’t have as many puppies as usual, those on her list

Happy 4th of July

4 Jul No Comments timbearden Random

At The Bearden Pack we would like to wish everyone a happy 4th of July.  We love 4th of July.  It’s a great time of year to show pride for our country, have bbq’s, and watch spectacular displays of fireworks.  Please be safe on this warm summer day. It’s also

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