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Puppy Photography

1 Apr No Comments timbearden Random

My profession is a photographer. I’ve learned a few things here in there about taking photos of different subjects. Taking pictures of dogs and especially puppies definitely has proven to be challenging. Puppies with a lot of energy just want to run and play. They rarely want to sit on

Visiting the Veterinarian

26 Mar No Comments timbearden Random

As humans, most try to maintain the best health possible. We visit the doctor proactively to prevent the onset of illnesses. We take medications for the illnesses we have. If we care for our pets just as much as ourselves, then we should also take them to the veterinarian for

Dogs Meet for the First Time

22 Mar No Comments timbearden Random

Both of our Golden Retrievers were able to meet each other for the first time. It’s always a nervous situation to have dogs meet each other, not knowing how they will react. Especially because of their age difference. Alice is only 6 weeks, so she sees Tina as just another

Getting A Pet From Another Country

21 Mar No Comments timbearden Breeder Education, Random

Today we finally picked up Tina from LAX airport. Getting a pet from another country is not the same as picking up a pet at the baggage claim. It’s much more intense. I would not advise bringing a small child with you. Johanna was a mess and didn’t get her

A Companion Dog for Our Puppy

19 Mar No Comments timbearden Random

We’ve been wanting a companion dog for our little puppy. We used to have dogs before, and had two together then. I feel it is important for dogs to have canine companions in their home. It may not be necessary, but that’s just me. I believe it’s a way for

American Verses English Cream Golden Retrievers

9 Mar No Comments timbearden Breeder Education, Puppy Education

Someday I may or may not be asked why we chose an English over an American Golden Retriever. It’s very simple, The Kennel Club standard for Golden Retrievers predates that of The American Kennel Club. The breed was developed on the border of Scotland and England by Lord Tweedmouth. Originally

Feeding Puppies For First Time

8 Mar No Comments timbearden Puppy

Puppies are 4 weeks old now.  They are beginning to eat dog food now.  They have a mouth full of teeth. We found them running around their pen today when we visited. It was only a few days ago that they began to walk, and now they are running. They

Golden Retriever Puppy Names

4 Mar No Comments timbearden Random

Who knew choosing a puppy name would be so difficult. We’ve had pets in the past, and have used the names we loved the most. The other ones we love have ironically been used by family members for their children’s names. So that eliminated about 5 names. Then we are

Puppy’s First Steps

2 Mar No Comments timbearden Puppy

I really never mentioned it, but we live in Beaumont California. We have been watching our little puppy grow up. Until she reaches 8 weeks she is still at her home in Hemet. We occasionally get to go and check in on her. We just witnessed some of our puppy’s

Golden Retriever Puppies for sale in California

28 Feb 3 Comments timbearden Random

We get contacted all across the United States for English Golden Retriever puppies. We only have an occasional litter since we do not operate on a large scale. This means most of the time I do have to refer to other breeders. Since I do refer to people, I have

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