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Puppy Video Update

5 Jul 2 Comments timbearden Puppy

I’ve been wanting to get a video up of our puppies.  Unfortunately, two of my cameras broke, and coincidentally my wife lost her cell phone.  So she used mine, and broke mine as well.  So I really had nothing to record video for a while.  Finally I got some video,

English Cream Puppy Update

2 Jul 3 Comments timbearden Puppy

Our puppies are getting bigger everyday.  They are walking more and more.  Their legs are getting stronger.  Soon they will be running.  Just noticed their teeth are coming in.  When we woke up this morning about half of them had climbed into Tina’s food bowl and were eating her food.

Puppies Are Two Weeks Old

26 Jun No Comments timbearden Puppy

Time flew by very quickly. Our English cream puppies are growing up so fast. Their eyes are open. They are beginning to walk, and I believe beginning to hear as well. Today they are 15 days old. We got to weigh them, and place a color id tag on them.

Average Golden Retriever Litter Size

12 Jun 4 Comments timbearden Breeder Education

Just like any animal or dog breed, litter size can vary. There are a range of factors that contribute to the overall litter size. Often genetics play an important role in the size of the litter. The size of the breed as well as the overall health of parents effect

English Golden Retriever Puppies Were Born

11 Jun No Comments timbearden Puppy

Well the wait is over. Tina had her puppies. I feel like I’m in the land of women right now. Or at least little girls. Tina had 8 females and no males. Her pregnancy lasted 63 days. Exactly the days averaged. We originally thought she was only going to have

Preparing for Golden Retriever Puppies

7 Jun No Comments timbearden Random

In less than a week Tina is going to have her puppies. We are starting all the preparations for the birthing process. We have all our towels, blankets, pen, food, and so on. It’s getting exciting around the house. We are making plans for Alice to stay with family for

When Do Golden Retriever Puppies Open Their Eyes?

2 Jun No Comments timbearden Breeder Education

Just like children, all milestones are fun to document. Lets face it, our dogs are like our children to us. Those baby blues in children are an exciting moment in their life. Puppies have their baby blues too. Typically for most puppies eyes begin to open from 7 days to

Quality Dog Food at an Affordable Price

14 May 1 Comment timbearden Recommendations

For many families, dogs are their family members just as much as their fellow humans. For our family, we are all pack members. There is a pack leader of course. As humans we eat food that pleases our tastes. Healthiness is just as important, although not always considered. For dogs,

How to Groom a Golden Retriever

7 May No Comments timbearden Puppy Education

Each and every dog are unique in every way. Each breed has their own type of fur. I’ve groomed many dogs, and each I would groom differently. Luckily golden retrievers are one of the easier ones to groom. Golden Retrievers have two layers of coat. Both layers protect them from

The Search for Cheap Doggy Treats

1 May No Comments timbearden Recommendations

As many may know, dog treats can be expensive. Healthy dog treats can be even more expensive. Training dog treats, well you get the point. Retailers know that you will go through a lot of treats while training. Therefore they mark up the price to turn a profit. Years ago

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