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The Debate of Dewclaw Removal

26 Sep No Comments timbearden Breeder Education, Puppy Education

As I sit here next my dog Tina who now wears the cone of shame I’m reminded of the debate about dewclaw removal. For many years I’ve seen it somewhat inhumane to remove them.  Now, I’m a little more open to the idea. For goldens I do see them use

National Dog Day

27 Aug No Comments timbearden Random

While browsing through social media it’s hard not to miss that today is National Dog Day.  Really, at our home it’s pretty much a dog day every day.  Nothing really went on here with the pack.  We did get some deer antlers from Amazon.  I wish I had realized that

Camping With Golden Retrievers

23 Aug No Comments timbearden Random

This past week has been really busy. Jolene planned a last second camping trip. I told her that I’d only go if all the puppies were all gone to their new homes. Which, happened last week. Jolene and I used to go camping numerous times a year. As we got older

How to Choose a English Golden Retriever Puppy

12 Aug No Comments timbearden Puppy Education

Every body and their mother have their opinion on what is the correct way to choose a puppy.  Hundreds of books have been written on the subject.  Many will say with goldens you can never go wrong.  I’ve heard people tell me, “have you ever seen a bad golden.”  As

Puppies Are Going Home

5 Aug 1 Comment timbearden Puppy

It’s been a fun two months. The puppies grew up fast.  It seems like yesterday that these creme puffs were born.  We got to bond with them and get to know them in many ways. We will miss them for sure, but it will be nice to spend more time

Week 7 Litter Update

31 Jul No Comments timbearden Puppy

So this update is a little late. The last two days were really busy. This week is a bit different for photos. I wanted to get one last group photo before they go home this coming week. So we piled them up in a wagon. Below was the result. I

Puppies Are 6 Weeks Old

23 Jul 2 Comments timbearden Puppy

We are now at the point that our puppy parents will be choosing their pack member. They are fluffy fur balls of joy. Each day they are awake for longer periods of time. We’ve been talking to Johanna about them going to their homes in two weeks. I think she

Microchipped Puppies

21 Jul No Comments timbearden Breeder Education, Puppy Education

Since our puppies are old enough to be microchipped, I thought I would discuss about microchips. All of our puppies are all microchipped. Originally I use to think all microchips were created equal. All our dogs, and cats have been microchipped by AVID. Recently though I found out that they

5 Week Update

16 Jul 1 Comment timbearden Puppy

We are now past the halfway point. Each and every day our puppies are becoming more active. Puppy parents are getting anxious. We’ve been taking the puppies outside now to expose them to more things. They seem to really enjoy exploring around. The photo of Miss Green is 1 1/2

4 Weeks Old

7 Jul 1 Comment timbearden Puppy

Our puppies are growing up so fast.  They are now four weeks old.  We are at the halfway mark before they go to their new parents homes.  We’ve found most of their new parents. As mentioned in a previous post, we have started them on food. Pretty soon they will

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