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Tina and Olaf’s Final Puppy Count


Tina and Olaf’s were born July 8th around 4:00 p.m. by cesarean.  She had 3 girls and 2 boys.  Puppies will go home around September 2. Their waitlist is full.  Unfortunately since we don’t have as many puppies as usual, those on her list who don’t get a puppy will be bumped to Willow’s.  We are beginning to contact those on our waitlist.

Our Baby Golden Retriever Puppies Are Here

Now that Tina’s puppies are here I’ll be occasionally updating this site with photos and weekly updates.  We have anxious puppy parents awaiting their new arrivals.  We will also have some disappointed parents who will have to wait till another litter.  Tina had fewer amount of puppies this litter than in the past.  She went way over her due date.  We decided for a cesarean just to be safe as her progesterone levels had dropped.  All her puppies did live.  She is now resting and nursing her pups.

Tina’s and Olaf’s first litter came out fantastic.  I much preferred their litter to our other pairing.  Click their litters 7 Week Update to see more about their past litter.  Stay tuned for weekly updates as the puppies grow.

6 day old puppy

6 Days Old

4 Day Old Puppy

4 Days Old

Noses are Turning Black (3 Days Old)

Puppy Pillow (2 Days Old)

Puppy Pillow (2 Days Old)

2 Days Old

2 Days Old

1 Day Old Puppy

1 Day Old

Tina 1 Day after She Gave Birth

Tina 1 Day after She Gave Birth

Baby Golden Retriever Puppies

Tina’s First Litter

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Puppies Are One Week Old
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