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Someday I may or may not be asked why we chose an English over an American Golden Retriever. It’s very simple, The Kennel Club standard for Golden Retrievers predates that of The American Kennel Club. The breed was developed on the border of Scotland and England by Lord Tweedmouth. Originally they were known as a flatcoat. I feel it is important to keep the original heritage alive.

Additionally our family has been around goldens for quite some time. They have been in Jolene’s family for many years. Because of that, we have been exposed to many breeders locally and abroad. Throughout Golden Retrievers development in America the breed has been developing health issues. American breeders may tell you that they don’t have any problems, but all dogs do. Studies have shown that 60% and higher of American Golden Retrievers suffer from cancer. Their European counterparts are 38.8%. I feel it is important to bring genetics that may differ a bit from the American gene pool. Imagine a world where everyone looked like Kim Kardashian. Some may like that idea, but humans wouldn’t be very diverse, and there definitely would not be a large gene pool.

Lastly aesthetics do also matter to me. Cream colors all the way to red goldens have always been around since the development of the breed. In America though fewer creams have been bred. Many people that see cream colored Goldens think that it is a different breed, when in reality it isn’t. They just haven’t been exposed to their genetics. My personal opinion is that The American Kennel club has their bias against them. However, The Kennel club standard predates our American one by 13 years and I feel is just as important. In short I prefer English Cream Golden Retrievers.

English Cream Golden Retrievers

English Cream Golden Retriever

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