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We are a small pack. A husband, wife, daughter, son, cat and five dogs. Better known as The Bearden Pack.

My name is Timothy Bearden, and my wife is Jolene. My daughter is named Johanna and son is Braeden. We live in Beaumont California. Which is about an hour and a half outside of Los Angeles. We are a small hobby breeder of golden retrievers, more specifically English standard golden retrievers with champion lineages that were imported from Europe. We started after we got a puppy from Jolene’s parents. We were lucky enough to be the first to choose a golden from their first English cream litter. Both parents are beautiful dogs.  Alice has already achieved her Junior Puppy Championship, as well as her International Championship.

We also adopted a companion dog from Serbia named Tina. She is a Champion English Golden Retriever. She got her champion title in Bulgaria. She brings in another line from Europe with a great history of champions. She is our oldest female with a calm temperament which is a plus as we continue to train Alice and as we train our youngest addition. As they learn a lot of cues from her.

In 2016 we bred for Ember. Ember comes from Tina and Tramin De Bon Matin. We spent a lot of a time and effort to pair the two together. We are happy with our efforts.  She has a great structure.  Unfortunately in late November, 2017 she had uterine infection that led her being spayed.  So she retired from breeding before she could start.

Also in 2016 we brought Willow into our pack.  She comes from a Robin Hood of Glen Sheallag line that I really love. Robin Hood is one of my favorite goldens of all time. Hopefully she can pull some of his genetics in her pups.

The last of our golden retrievers is Glacier.  He is a stud that we recently got from Ukraine.  He has multiple lines that we’ve looked for that comes from Paudell Pure Passion and Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel. Both pair well with Tina and Willow.

After researching genealogy of golden retrievers extensively, I feel confident in the lines we have chosen. More dog shows to come in our future. We thought it would be fun to showcase our dogs growth as well as our daughter Johanna and son Braeden. Johanna is five. Braeden was recently born. Maybe they will become a junior handler. Hopefully our cat Echo, who is 9 years old, will come around as well.

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