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Today we had a visit from Baylee. For those who follow our blog, Baylee is Miss Red. She ended up being the smallest of our last English cream litter. Her family contacted us to set up a play date with her mother Tina, and aunt Alice.

This was not a picture perfect moment for the three of them. Alice wanted to play with Baylee, but Tina just wanted to assert her dominance. After settling down for a while, they did get to play a bit together. Alice and Baylee enjoyed their attention together more while running around the table.

We’ve had many dogs come over to our home. They’ve even spent time with our in-laws dogs almost weekly. Having Baylee around caused a different reaction than we would have expected. I’m pretty sure she was just showing Baylee that she’s the alpha dog. In any case, we do look forward to another visit. Maybe next time we’ll go up to the lake.

Baylee has indeed grown in the past 3 months. She’s even gained some color to her coat. Her coat has also gotten wavier. It reminds me of her father’s (Olaf) coat. I look forward to watching her grow into an adult and making her family smile. All said and done, we did get a photo of the two of them together.

puppy play date

Baylee and Tina

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