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We’ve been wanting a companion dog for our little puppy. We used to have dogs before, and had two together then. I feel it is important for dogs to have canine companions in their home. It may not be necessary, but that’s just me. I believe it’s a way for them to socialize, when they can’t communicate with us.

We contacted many different people. Many of which were in Europe. We almost decided to go with two dogs, as both needed homes. At last second we decided to go with just Tina. Too much at one time could be too much of a hassle, and stress.

Jantina Sanitacteam Day, which is her full name, is from Bulgaria. She is a full English Golden Retriever. Sanitacteam Day Kennel, which is located in Serbia, had someone she had worked with before that needed to place a dog. He needed to move out of the country and couldn’t take his dogs with him. So, we have decided to take Tina into our home.

She just completed her Bulgarian National Championship, and will be arriving at the end of the week. She is a year and a half old and hopefully will have many years ahead of her. So in the next few days, we need to do final preparation around our home to have dogs in it again.

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