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Thursday the puppies will start going to their forever homes. It’s been a busy few months. The puppies have grown so much. In an effort to start our puppy parents out right, we are sending them home with a puppy care package. Something I hope they enjoy and can use.

Puppy Care Packages

Puppy Care Packages



Sam (AKA Bran)

Sam (AKA Bran)

Weekly Update

This week our puppies have spent more time outside. Since it wasn’t raining and fairly warm they got the chance to roam around. They love being outside. We did expose them to Johanna’s play pool. A few enjoyed the water more than the others. They did also have the chance to run around the ball pen. They love jumping in and out of it.

On Tuesday we all traveled to the vet. This litter is substantially larger. So it was a chore to get them to the vet. The vet first thought they were Great Pyrenees because they were light in color, and so big. They all got an all clear to go to their final homes.

It’s been fun with these puppies, and we will miss them. We get to keep one from this litter, so we will be participating in the growth of a new pup right along with the rest of the puppy parents. Alice and Tina will get some much needed attention as well.


Below are their weights from the vet which is more accurate than my numbers.


Anakin (Black)
Sam weighs 18 lbs.

Atlas (Grey)
He is 16.4 lbs.

Riley (Yellow)
He is now 17.6 lbs.

Sam (Green)
He is 18 lbs.

Riley (Dark Blue)
Our smallest boy is no longer the smallest and is now 16.8 lbs.


Sansa (Red)
She is 15.8 lbs.

Abigail (Light Blue)
Our middle sized girl is 15.4 lbs.

Lucy (Purple)
Our smallest girl weighs 14.6 lbs.

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