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The boys have officially been chosen by their puppy parents. The next couple days will be the girls turn. Check our 6 Week Update for their previous milestones.

Week 7 Milestones

Aside from the boy picks being made this week, the biggest thing that happened was the puppies received their vaccines. They’ve also been microchipped. They handled the vaccines with no problems. The microchips, well you can guess that they do hurt going in.

All the puppies got to experience a little rain this week. Since it’s been raining their time outside has diminished here and there. We did let them experience the rain some. When it got warmer we also let them play in a small pool filled with play balls. There weren’t too interested at first, but they have been going back into it.

Weekly Photos

Since the puppies will start going home next week we decided to do a final photo as a group shot of all the puppies together. I’ve been planning this photo ever since our last litter. We hope you enjoy. This was even harder than our birthday photo shoot we had for Alice. I’ve updated the boy puppies with their new names, at least the ones I know so far. Weights are also updated, although less accurate.

english cream golden retriever puppies at 7 weeks

7 Weeks Old


Anakin (Black)
Sam weighs 15 lbs. They love Star Wars, so his name is fitting.



Atlas (Grey)
He is 16 lbs.



Riley (Yellow)
He is now 15 1/2 lbs.

Sam (Green)
He is 16 lbs. Sam didn’t get to remain Sam, but Bran got to become Sam.

Riley (Dark Blue)
Our smallest boy is now 14 lbs. He will also be named Riley (Riley von Strudel).


Sansa (Red)
She is 14 1/2 lbs.



Abigail (Light Blue)
Our middle sized girl is 12 1/2 lbs.

Lucy (Purple)
Our smallest girl is no longer the smallest and weighs 12 lbs.

Random Photos

Puppy Playing With Alice

Puppy Playing With Alice

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