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Everyone is getting anxious I’m sure waiting for their family fur member to come home. They are getting bigger by the day. Check our 5 Week Update for their previous milestones.

Week 6 Milestones

Each week certain puppies have been standouts. This week the rest have caught up in stride. Puppies have started going outside this week. Petyr was the first to consistently go outside without hesitation. The rest did follow soon after. Each morning we let them out of their puppy room into the house. Now when we open the door to the outside they love running out. If I have to go outside for any reason they love to run for the door and try and dart outside. About two days after being exposed to the outside they inched their distance traveled encountering the grass. Now they bounce around in it. Margaery has been constantly waiting to use the potty outside during the day (not so much at night, but as expected). Hopefully the rest will follow soon.

In the last two days we have been weening Tina from the puppies. Yesterday we had her away from them for a decent amount of time. Over the coming week will be monitoring their interactions to playing, rather than relying on her for nutrition. I love seeing Tina bow to the puppies and playing with them.

This coming weekend puppy parents of the boys will be choosing their puppy. I’m sure everyone will be anxious. Girls will be chosen the week after.

Weekly Photos

As usual, below are the puppies’ weight. This weeks weight is a little less accurate as they are getting too big for our scale. These photos were a bit late, but we did finally get them up. Next week we will do a final group photo before they go home the following week.


Samwell/Sam (Black)
Sam weighs 11lbs 14oz.


Sam (Spoken For as 1st Pick Male)



Jon (Grey)
He is 11lbs 8oz.


Jon (Spoken For as 4th Pick Male)

Petyr (Yellow)
He is now 11lbs.


Petyr (Spoken For as 3rd Pick Male)



Bran (Green)
He is 11bs 14oz. He picked up some weight this week. He doesn’t look bigger than the others as he holds his weight a bit differently.


Bran (Spoken For as 2nd Pick Male)

Tyrion (Dark Blue)
Our smallest boy is now 9lbs 1oz. Finally got to see glimpses of his personality this week. He didn’t just sleep.


Tyrion (Spoken For as 5th Pick Male)


Sansa (Red)
She is 9lbs 6oz.


Sansa (Spoken For as 1st Pick Female)

(Light Blue)
Our middle sized girl is 8lbs 12oz.


Margaery (Spoken For as 2nd Pick Female)

Arya (Purple)
Our smallest girl is no longer the smallest and weighs 8lbs 14oz.



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