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Puppies are running like little bullet trains.  Only two more weeks till they go to their furever homes. Last week we had our 5 week update.  Below is once again this weeks milestones.

Week 6 Milestones

It’s been a busy week. Puppies are running so fast, we have to watch every little movement we make so not to step on them. They love sneaking food from momma’s and the rests food bowls. I guess their food tastes better. Willow only nurses about 1-2 times a day. Almost all of their nutrients come from their food. Each and every day they are awake more and more. Today the puppies are receiving their first set of vaccines.

We got in a car accident a few weeks back, and we are dealing with the insurance agency cutting off our rental today. So we don’t have much time today and photos came at a later time. Luckily most puppy parents will be visiting this weekend. So they will get to see them first hand. Once I do get photos I will post them below as usual.

UPDATE: We did add photos this week. We didn’t do anything special this week, but added a few randoms for your enjoyment.

Weekly Photos


Atinna (Orange)
6 lbs 14 oz


Alana (Pink)
6 lbs 2 oz



Adella (Yellow)
7 lbs She tied for biggest puppy this week.


Aquata (Blue)
6lbs 14 oz



Arista (Red)
7lbs She tied for biggest puppy this week.


Andrina (Violet)
5 lbs 12 oz


Ariel (Green)
6 lbs 8 oz




Eric (Silver)
6 lbs 10 oz


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