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Each week the puppies are developing into their lovable fur balls of joy. Check our previous post for their other milestones. Puppy parents are more than welcome to visit.

Week 3 Milestones

At the beginning of this week, they started to hear.  Their ears began to open before day 14, but we didn’t notice them responding to sound till day 16.  They can be startled by any sound.  They are still trying to comprehend what they are hearing.  In due time they will learn different sounds.  Especially sounds from mom and fellow litter mates.

Day 16 Sam tried to climb out of the pen.  Day 17 Jon tried to climb out, followed by the rest later on.  Since this exploration has began, we’ve expanded their area to roam from just the pen to around half the puppy room.

They are still mastering walking around and are moving faster and faster.  They all can sit on their hind legs now. Sam sat and staired at me at the beginning of the week.  I thought it was coincidence but I’m sure it wasn’t now as I found Bran doing it two days later.

Day 17 they started distinctively barking rather than just a growl. Their baby k9 teeth began appearing on day 19.  They also have more intentional tail wags and can now go to the potty without assistance.

By the end of this week we get to the stage where their personalities begin to distinctively develop. They are now learning to mouth each other and learn how to be a puppy.

Weekly Photos

As usual below are individual photos of the puppies and weight.


Samwell/Sam (Black)
Our biggest boy, and lightest in gold weighs 4lbs 13oz.  Sam reaches his milestones about a day before all the puppies.  I found him licking his paws early in the week.

Sam Valentine

Sam’s Valentine Photo



Jon (Grey)

He is 4lbs 12oz.

Jon Valentine

Jon’s Valentine Photo



Petyr (Yellow)

He is now 4lbs 10oz. My wife likes Petyr the most of the boys and follows Sam in reaching milestones second.

Petyr Valentine

Petyr’s Valentine Photo



Bran (Green)

He is 4lbs 4oz.

Bran Valentine

Bran’s Valentine Photo



Tyrion (Dark Blue)
Our smallest boy definitely shows signs of being a cream blonde and more wave to his coat. He is now 3lbs 15oz.

Tyrion's Valentine Photo

Tyrion’s Valentine Photo




Sansa (Red)
Our biggest girl, and second darkest gold weighs 4lbs 2oz.

Sansa's Valentine Photo

Sansa’s Valentine Photo



Margaery (Light Blue)
Our middle sized and lightest in gold girl 4lbs 3oz.

Margaery's Valentine Photo

Margaery’s Valentine Photo



Arya (Purple)
Our smallest girl, and darkest in gold is 3lbs 6oz.

Arya's Valentine Photo

Arya’s Valentine Photo





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