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Time flies fast.  It seems just yesterday that they were born.  I’m sure if feels like ages to those who are waiting for their newest pack member.  Each week I like to update everyone on the puppies progress.  Along with that progress we also like to update with some new photos.  So each week, roughly around Thursday we will be giving our weekly update.

Not every breeder does this, and I wouldn’t expect them to.  However, I feel it is my duty and privilege to document their growth.  In due time we will be having people visit.  After two weeks of age we are having those who want, come and visit.  Just realize at two weeks they won’t be very big, nor will you be able to differentiate them much.  After two weeks we will start adding colored collars so that puppy parents can start discovering their subtle differences.

Week 1 Milestones

One of the puppies first milestone is their noses gain color.  At least we consider it a milestone since it is visible.  Most have noticed that the puppies were born with a pink nose.  Around 3 days they begin to darken.  Now, at 7 days they are fully darkened.  Their hair has also lengthened, especially on their head.  They still can not see as their eyes have not opened, nor can they hear.  They rely on their sense of smell to find mom and nurse.  We’ve already noticed that their squeals have slightly added a little growl to them.  Who doesn’t love puppy growls and howls?   People with cynophobia maybe.

They have began to crawl faster.  For them to go to the bathroom they still rely on their mom.  Their umbilical cords fell off around day 3.

We carefully monitor their temperatures to make sure they are not too cold, and not too hot.  As they get older they will begin to prefer colder temperatures.  Nursing helps them to also regulate their own body temperature.

Weekly Photos

Each week we also like to get photos of all of them or at least as many as will cooperate.  Around week 3 we will get individual photos of the puppies, but for now this is what we have below.  If I get more photos during the week I also add them below as well.  To see last weeks photos click: Last Week’s Update

This is what I have for now, I’ll try and get a photo of all 5 males together tomorrow when I can get help from my wife. Trying to take photos, and watch the puppies at the same time is difficult.

All 3 Girls (1 Week Old)

All 3 Girls (1 Week Old)

Female 1 (1 Week Old)

Female 1 (1 Week Old)

Female 1 (1 Week Old)

Female 1 (1 Week Old)

Female 2 (1 Week Old)

Female 2 (1 Week Old)

Boy 1 (1 Week Old)

Male 1 (1 Week Old)

1 week male english golden retriever puppy

Male 2 (1 Week Old)

Boy at 10 Days (Not the best photo, but wanted to get it up)

Boys at 10 Days (Not the best photo, but wanted to get it up)

A couple puppies eyes have opened.

A couple puppies eyes have opened (at 11 days)

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